My Health Story: A Pain That Grew into a Passion

By Victoria Kent

Before I share with you healthy recipes and tips to live a wholesome life, I must reveal the story of how my mess and pain turned into a beautiful passion of mine. This story that I am telling you was an essential turning point in my life.

My entire life, I was involved in sports until it was interrupted for a short time towards the end of high school. Starting two years ago, I randomly became dizzy and constantly tired. After several hospital visits, I found a specific doctor who specialized in nutrition and allergies. I soon discovered I suffered from hypoglycemia (aka low blood sugar) and a leaky gut. My body was filled with so many toxins which impacted my intestines to not working properly which allowed the toxins to leak into my bloodstream. Allergic reactions were no longer new to me and would not leave the house without Benadryl.  My body was unstable, forcing me to eat every hour because of my low blood sugar, or else I would potentially faint. I remember there were times where my blood sugar decreased to a 30, equivalent to an unconscious person.

Changes quickly needed to be made. My new diet consisted of eating food without gluten, less sugar, and to consume excessive amounts of protein. EVERY CLASS PERIOD I HAD TO EAT A SNACK to keep my blood sugar balanced.  The physical struggle soon impacted me internally, persuading me to give up on my health and having a hopeless spirit. My poor health caused me to worry about the future, especially as college was approaching in a couple months. I thought it was the end of the world but actually, it was the beginning of a fresh, new chapter of my life.

I researched and studied nutrition because I desired to get well. My sickness opened up so many doors that led to amazing opportunities that I never could have imagined. Essential oils were introduced to me which automatically strengthened my health. Also, I discovered organic foods and everyday organic products. While researching, I found that regular deodorant is filled with chemicals that travel through the pores and flow into the bloodstream. Realizing that those chemicals from the deodorant potentially may cause health issues such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and allergic reactions persuaded me to change my everyday habits. That information guided me to become more conscious of buying organic products such as makeup, deodorant, laundry detergent, and shampoo. I began to understand that living healthy is not just eating food that is beneficial to my body but to be aware of chemical products that could go into my bloodstream. That event in my life prompted me to live a holistic lifestyle.

I took health to the next level! The weakness and problem I once had, produced into a love for nutrition. My story does not even stop there!

The Turning Point

When I started my journey as a freshman in college, I church hopped to figure out what church fit best. One of the first churches I attended, prayed over me to be healed.  I once was dizzy, and then I automatically started running around as if I had a completely new body. God healed me from hypoglycemia and a leaky gut right then and there! I currently eat three meals a day rather than eating every hour. I now live life as if I never had low blood sugar at all!


Without my past sickness, I would not have written this blog nor would I be passionate about informing others on the benefits of exercise and eating right.  Those horrific hospital visits turned into a beautiful story. 

I hope this story inspires you! As a health advocate, I am thrilled to soon share tips and recipes for college students living on a budget.

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  1. Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your health journey. I, too, have been rethinking my food choices after a diagnosis, and definitely notice a difference in my health when I eat right. I know God will bless you as you continue this journey. Oh, and thanks for co-writing this blog with my daughter!

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