The 6 Best Study Spots (Based on Your Assignment)

By Emily Bernard

There are many different types of people in college, and with that comes many different preferences of where to study. There are the people you can always bet will be in the cafe on campus, those who have “their spot” at the library, and of course that one guy that’s at the local Panera 24/7, but then there are students like me who switch it up almost daily. I have found that the spot I go to do work will depend on the homework that I have to get done. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll go somewhere different to read than to write a paper or take a test.

The one place where I am rarely productive, though, is my dorm room. Some don’t have a problem with studying at their desks, but I guess I get distracted too easily by the food in my fridge and the people in the rooms around me. Anyway, here are the places I go to get work done, based on my assignment.

  1. Research Paper: Library. I’m sure you saw this one coming, because in order to get an important research paper done, a place filled with solitude and academic resources is key. Whether you work at your university’s library or a local library, it is obviously a place you should take advantage of when you need lots of books and no one to distract you. When finals week comes, you can find me typing away as I lock myself in a study room to limit tempting distractions.
  2. Test/Quiz: Panera Bread. The best things about Panera are the comfort food and the chill environment, and I’ve found that it is probably too easy to spend hours there getting work done. You can go with a friend, by yourself, or you can call your mom as you work. All options are welcomed! So when you have a test or quiz you need to get done, just drive on over to Panera, get your favorite pastry, get comfortable in a booth, and study your little heart out.
  3. Creative Assignment: Local Hipster Cafe. My favorite place to do homework would have to be the most aesthetically pleasing cafe I can find. There you can find artsy decor, artsy people, & artsy coffee, all providing an environment perfect for getting any sort of assignment done that involves creativity or design. The last thing I personally worked on at a hipster-esque cafe was redesigning my resume, and its beautiful design helped get me the job, so you can bet I’m going to be back at that cafe often.
  4. Discussion Post: Student Center or Lounge. Ahhh, the student lounge. A place full of students chilling on couches either chatting, doing work, or pretending to do work. I feel like this atmosphere was made for discussion posts as you can be surrounded by fellow students in person while discussing with classmates online. You can also easily find distractions when you realize how much you don’t want to get it done, so that’s a bonus (sort of).
  5. Reading: Local Minimalistic Cafe. So you can tell I love getting work done in cafes, but I think this principle goes for everyone, coffee lover or not. When you want to get reading done, whether for an assignment or for your own enjoyment, you’re going to want a place of serenity and preferably a place with exceptionally comfy chairs. You can find little distractions and a feeling of peace at a small, white-walled, minimalistic cafe.
  6. Presentation: Any Empty Room. This one is a little more complicated in that presentations are unique in the way we prepare for them. Once we do the initial research, we need to practice obsessively, and for that you just need an empty space. You can find a study room in the library, a kind friend’s dorm room, or even a nearby stairwell (I’ve done it, but there are definitely better options). Most spots will work fine, and as long as it’s quiet and empty, you’re all set.

So no matter if your favorite study partner is your best friend or a cafe latte, just go out, study at different spots, and find what works best for you!

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