Brownie Points

By: Victoria Kent

Diets.  I despise that word. Why try a diet for a week, but then give up on it and resume to the regular lifestyle? I have found that diets are not necessary.

Those raw vegan people… I appreciate them and I enjoy eating their homemade meals. Unfortunately, I could never accommodate to their lifestyle, because I love my yogurt, milk, and eggs too much. But oh how I applaud them! They live an impressive, inspiring, and healthy lifestyle.

You may not need to be a vegan, but you can live a wholesome lifestyle in a similar direction.

Instead of dieting, it is easier and still beneficial to simply substitute healthier food options into your everyday diet. So now, I want so share with you some of the foods that have allowed me to eat what I love but to also eat clean!

I love my chocolate, ice cream, and coffee just much as any human being, and YOU CAN STILL EAT THOSE FOODS. However, in moderation and you can easily do that by substituting those foods with more natural versions.

Here are some foods I have swapped:

  1. FRIES- I love fries, especially sweet potato fries. To substitute the greasy fries, I chop up my own potatoes and put them in the oven rather than frying them. I add a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper to give the fries flavor. For regular fries, I just add sea salt. 
  2. HAMBURGERS are my weakness! I buy grass fed meat and wrap my burgers in lettuce because I often eat gluten free. Grass fed meat is known to provide nutrients that include more vitamins, omega 3 fats, and antioxidants than regular beef. Bread usually makes my stomach bloated, so I eat less gluten. Target has a great organic ketchup brand known as Simply Balanced that I add to my burger.  After eating this meal, it feels “clean” and less fattening  (You can find the organic ketchup here).
  3. MILK – I obviously could never in my lifetime go vegan! Since a large amount of           dairy is not always healthy,  depending on each person, I have found almond and soy milk are great substitutes to those who are not able to consume dairy. My favorite chocolate milk I purchase from Target is called Ripple Chocolate Milk.  It is a dairy free and plant based protein milk. The Ripple Chocolate Milk is filled with 8x the protein of almond milk and ½ the sugar. I drink it on a regular basis and enjoy adding bananas when I work out and need a smoothie. However, if you love regular milk, just buy organic milk rather than normal milk. You can find organic milk at any grocery store. (The link to the Ripple Chocolate Milk here). 
  4. YOGURT- This has been a tricky food, especially in my life.  Many brands try to drag you into eating their yogurt even though they are filled with chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, artificial colors, and fake fruit! I have finally found a couple of great organic yogurt brands that have been satisfying. My personal favorite is Siggi’s yogurt. This product does not consume any artificial sweeteners, is non-fat yogurt, and the milk is from grass-fed cows. (You can find this brand at Target or Whole Foods under the link here).  Stonyfield yogurt is organic and also grass fed. If you like more liquidy and less thick yogurt you will love Stonyfield Yogurt! Stonyfield is found at Harris Teeter, Target, and Walmart! (If you want more info from Stonyfield’s yogurt, click here). 
  5. EGGS- I usually buy organic eggs and Cage free eggs either at Target, Walmart, or Trader Joe’s. Organic eggs are fantastic because those chickens are free to roam,  able to eat insects on the ground and are not given hormones or antibiotics. Organic eggs are best to consume so that you can receive all the important nutrients you need.
  6. COFFEE – My main drink! Being honest here, I have struggled to find a good coffee that fit my body. I remember buying regular iced coffee at Starbucks and then minutes later, my body would be jittery and then crash an hour later. That did not end well. I realized that I needed pure coffee, not the type filled with chemicals that cause my body to be unbalanced. I discovered a couple of brands and creamers that work better for my body. Green Mountains Organic’s – Sumatra Aceh or Ethiopia Yirgacheffe seem to work well with my body. (Green mountains organics can be found here).  

A natural creamer I have discovered from Target is Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss that is not filled with artificial flavors.  Almond or coconut creamer are also fantastic substitutes for dairy milk. 

We all at times crave the unhealthy food! Fortunately, there is hope! You still may eat the foods you love, but in a healthier manner! Just be aware, each body receives food differently. See how your body reacts to certain foods. My ideas might not fit your body’s standards or they may truly work wonders! I hope these substituting foods help you eat clean and feel clean. 

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