Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

By Victoria Kent

Recently, I have learned that life has been a JOURNEY filled with many seasons along the way.  I would like to share with you 10 goals I’ve created to better myself and keep me on track to be a more dedicated and passionate individual. But before I impart my goals to you, I want to share a small picture of the seasons I have experienced in the past year.

Seasons change, people change.

The seasons of my life have changed from winter to spring and now a breakthrough of summer. Winter may have been filled with dead trees, but an action of death has to occur for something to be reborn, just as new seeds are placed in the ground at the end of winter. Winter’s darkness granted me with hope for what was yet to come: spring. The season of spring provided me with a taste of growth. The whole picture was not given in the spring, but a glimpse of the near promises soon to arrive.  I am now in the season of summer, and everything has become clear to me. Opportunities and dreams have burst into bloom! The thorns of winter have turned into a rose. Though it did, of course, take time for that rose to develop.

Reflecting on the seasons of this year, my life is drastically different from what it once was. Summer has arrived. Life in college consisted of waking up at ungodly hours in the morning combined with a couple shots of espresso (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!). Even in the midst of the chaotic college life, the feelings of independence and adventure kept me alive and excited for more. I truly knew I was going to miss that once I returned home.

The day I came back home, my parents left to the Florida Keys for a week, leaving me as the mother to babysit my brother. Going from a college kid to a mom was quite the transition! I allowed fear to tell me that summer would be a season of drought.

Arriving back at my hometown, all of a sudden, something hit me. I have changed. A new chapter has opened before me, and the old has shut.  I am not at all the person I was when I left for college. I no longer wear preppy clothing but am into wearing a more hipster style… I suppose urban chic meets mountain woman 😉 

Internally, coming out of college, I no longer see myself as that timid girl who was afraid to step out. Now, when a situation scares me, I see fear as an opportunity to be bold

The seasons that I have experienced showed me that college will either facilitate growth or allow me to wither, just as a flower.  All flowers are in need of change if they desire to be in full bloom one day. There is always room for growth. We have the opportunity to choose.  

To embrace each opportunity given to me this summer, I have written down goals that I will accomplish to keep up the good work and to not go back to old ways.

  1. Ask myself: What can I do next to grow and not wither back to old ways?
  2. Work on a budget, especially since it is hard to be fully independent with finances back at home.
  3. Eat out and buy clothing less. How less?-  I will only have a certain amount of money stored away for eating out per week to control the old negative habits.
  4. Run everyday
  5. Combine vegetables in every meal.
  6. Remind myself: Do you feel pushed out of your comfort zone? Are you using every good opportunity given to you? Who are you trying to please?
  7. Find new recipes each week to become a fantastic wife one day.
  8. Reflect on each day and reminisce on the beautiful, simple things of that day to keep constant positive thoughts.
  9. Choose to read my Bible every time I want to watch Netflix. Shoutout to Emily (co-owner of Student Lounge) for sharing this fantastic idea!
  10. Live in the perspective of the “seed of expectancy.” Expect great things to happen. Be on the lookout. (A quote that has been constantly coming up and has been a wonderful reminder for this season)

What are YOUR goals for this summer? If you are scrambling just sleeping and binge watching Netflix shows all summer, why not join Emily and I in finding new hobbies!

“Old ways won’t open new doors.” – Anonymous

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