How to Get Over the Summer Slump

OKAY GUYS FOR REAL I’m about to give you probably the best advice I could give anyone in regards to college life. Don’t miss out!

Do you remember going to the first day of school in high school and feeling like you’ve forgotten everything you’ve learned the year before, and how even basic math or english skills seemed to escape your mind over the summer? I never really thought about how this feeling could translate to my college academics, but the S U M M E R   S L U M P became my real life this year.

You might have noticed this slump in yourself earlier this summer if you were working, taking classes, or had an internship. Whether you noticed it before or not, trust me when I say that this applies to you!

So the summer slump is a result of being more easily distracted and taking longer to get work done, and this stems from a desire to relax or to be outside. It’s no longer forgetting what you’ve learned, like it was in high school, as much as your productivity and attention span and decreasing.

For me the summer slump looked a lot like going to a cafe to get work done, but getting distracted by Instagram and by everybody on vacation. I ended up spending twice as long at this cafe as intended because I struggled to find the motivation to work.

Now here we are, starting a new semester that will bring a new schedule and new responsibilities. How should we transition from this routine of short attention spans back into our lives as full time students? Are you ready for one of the best pieces of advice I think I’ve ever given?

Here it is… we can transition into this semester by practicing  P R O D U C T I V E   P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N.

If you know me in real life you’ve probably heard me talk about this, but production procrastination is simple, and it has helped me when it was the hardest to get stuff done (RIP finals week). Essentially, productive procrastination means putting off the thing you need to get done most to get something else done that is of lesser value or is less immediate.

Okay okay, hear me out on this one. If I need to get something done, say a 10 page paper, by the end of the week, and I am just not feeling motivated to start it, I will try to avoid doing anything mindless that will make me feel lazier (Netflix, napping, etc.). Instead, I’ll work on another assignment, do the dishes, do my laundry, go grocery shopping, or do anything that is still productive.

You see, procrastination in its worst form is escaping from your responsibilities, but by staying productive, you are able to simply refresh your mind and recharge.

By putting off that paper to do the dishes, I’m productively procrastinating. And now that the dishes are done and I am a semi-responsible adult, I can continue in this productive spirit by starting on the 10 page paper.

Sweet friends, this is such a simple switch, but it holds a load of difference!

Instead of falling into a slump, know when you’re motivated and learn to get other things done when you’re not. Friends, I know that you can do this! You are far too smart to let anything get in your way, even your own procrastination.

Much love for you all ❤

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