Meet the Authors


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Emily: Founder, Co-Author. Hello, sweet friends. My name is Emily, which means “hard-worker,” & there’s no doubt that’s who I am. But if you need to know anything about me, it’s that I struggle to keep my house plants alive, I always seem to smile too big in pictures (obviously), & I own almost only neutral colored clothing. My heart for this community is that during our college years, we’ll be able to share, inspire, learn, & grow together.  I’m so excited to be able to share my college journey with you, & I can’t wait to get to know you in this small (but growing!) community! I’m also a big fan of cheesy motivational quotes, so get ready (;


Victoria: Co-Author. Hello! Vic here! So I’m that girl who is either drinking coffee while blogging at a coffee shop, talking to strangers about Jesus, or working out at the gym! Most of my writing focuses on the physical and mental components of health. This passion of mine ironically developed after a season of sickness that opened the door to share my experiences through writing.  The intentions behind my writing are to further on remind others how to be be confident in their bodies, help others strive to live a holistic lifestyle, and encourage self-care awareness. To be real with you all, my dream in life is to be a professional speaker, an author, and a missionary who travels around the world! We shall see where life takes me! It has been a wonderful opportunity being a part of this community and I am so thrilled to share more thoughts and ideas with you all!